Vital Sleep snoring mouthpiece review

Vital Sleep snoring mouthpiece is a device that is designed to stop snoring.

Vitalsleep uses a boil and bite fitting process in mixture with adjustment tools. VitalSleep is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) gadget which means that it move on the lower jaw to open the airway using the teeth. This permits the top possible adjustments and fit for the user. When you go after the instructions that come with the gadget you should be capable to get a custom-molded fit of your teeth on the mouthpiece.

Is VitalSleep best for sleep apnea?

VitalSleep by the Snore Reliever  Firm LLC is a MAD mouthpiece anti-snoring gadget that jobs by moving the lower jaw ahead and changing the tongue away from their airway. VitalSleep is pretty effective in managing snoring which is one of the big symptoms of sleep apnea. Anyway, it cannot fully cure sleep apnea, it can just decrease one of its symptoms.

VitalSleep features

Unlike other anti-snoring gadgets that are accessible in single size, VitalSleep comes in 2 different sizes, the little mouthpieces are for ladies, whereas the bigger ones are for men, and this offers the user with a personalized, relax fit.

The VitalSleep Review ( gadgets have a breathing hole in the front that is sizeable and can be compressed or expanded to make it fit your mouth rightly. Also, if the gadget fits rightly, you would not experience any issue at all in breathing. Another important aspect that sets VitalSlep anti-snoring gadgets is that it is made from medical grade, bisphenol A (BPA) and EVA and latex-free. This make sure that you would not face any allergic signs if you wear them. All the stuffs used in producing this anti-snoring gadgets are FDA-verified.

Though VitalSleep is an anti-snoring gadgets that is not specifically meant to stop tooth-grinding, it does stop the lower and upper teeth from touching. A vital spec of VitalSleep is its Accu-adjust structure, which is made for special change by 1mm up to  eight mm.


  • The gadget has a big airway opening
  • The gadget is adjustable in two sizes for: women and men
  • Affordable price
  • You can re-adjust the gadget using the change instruments without re-boiling it


  • The adjustment tools may be hard for some people.
  • The mouthpiece can simply be overheated (do not put in warming water more than ten seconds or it will become too misshapen or soft).