Compass Group

The Compass Group is a financial services firm serving clients throughout Northern California.  The firm was founded in 1997 and provides the following  services/products to its’ clients:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Business Brokerage

The Compass Group is an affiliate of Business Team and specializes in representing manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale trade clients with business valuations in the $750,000 to $3 million range.   Business Team is the largest independently owned Business Brokerage/Mergers & Acquisitions firm in the state of California with ten offices and over 90 full time associates.  Our firm was founded in 1981 and since that time, we have represented sellers and buyers in completing over 4,000 transactions.

In assisting our clients with the sale of their business, we employ the  following step-by-step approach on all engagements:

  •  Establish a range of market value
  •  Develop an executive summary
  •  Pre-arrange acquisition financing
  •  Develop confidential blind profile/summary
  •  Research and develop buyer targets
  •  Confidentially market the business
  •  Qualify interested buyers
  •  Submit profile to buyers & intermediaries
  •  Execute non-disclosures
  •  Negotiate Letters of Intent
  •     Coordinate due diligence
  •   Advise on definitive agreement
  •   Coordinate/facilitate close

As you might expect, financing a business is complex, requiring the coordinated efforts of attorneys, accountants, and lenders.  Business Team has arranged hundreds of business acquisition loans, more than any other business broker in California.  Because of our many years of experience and very high loan volume, you can be confident that, if the transaction can be financed, we will get it done.

  • Consulting Services

Compass Consulting is a division of The Compass Group that provides financial and strategic technology consulting services to small to medium size business in the greater Sacramento Area. Our mission is to assist our clients in the evaluation, configuration, installation, and on-going support of computerized systems.

Over the past two decades, these systems have become increasingly powerful and, in terms of hardware costs, appreciably less expensive. At the same time, they are now more complex than ever before and, in larger organizations, full-time professionals are required to support them. Our mission is to assist the smaller organizations who have the same requirements for comprehensive and reliable systems with which to support their businesses, but do not need and cannot justify the cost of full-time, in-house personnel.

We provide our clients with a myriad of services, including:

  • Commercial and residential wired and wireless network design, implementation and ongoing support.
  • Hardware and software evaluation, recommendation, installation and on-going support.
  • Data storage and backup solutions.
  • Virus and spyware detection, prevention & remediation.
  • Firewall & proxy server solutions.
  • Accounting systems selection, installation and support.
  • Excel VBA programming applications.
  • The Edge – Client Evaluation Package for Business Brokers.

The Edge is a business brokerage client evaluation package (Excel based) that is designed to assist agents in packaging, valuing, and marketing business opportunities for prospective clients. 

 Information that is needed to complete this package is entered into the following two forms:

  • Client Information Sheet – Much of the information entered into this document is used in generating the Investment Opportunity.  Inasmuch as information entered into this document is used throughout the package, it is extremely important that you complete all portions of this document.
  • Client Financial Statements/Tax Returns – The vast majority of information used to generate the package is entered into this schedule.  Please note that the layout of this is identical to that of a corporate federal income tax return and is designed that way to help facilitate the entry of such data.

The package, once completed, will provide you with the following:

  • Client Information Sheet – Much of the information entered into this Business Team document is used in the Investment Opportunity report (discussed below).
  • Business Valuation – The valuation is determined using two widely accepted valuation methods:  Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Method and the Capitalized Excess Earnings Method.  The objective of the Business Valuation section is not merely to provide you with an appreciation for the value of the business, but to also provide you with an informative report (tool) to assist you in explaining and justifying the value with your prospective client; i.e., to increase the likelihood that when all is said and done, you will get the listing at an acceptable market price.  The valuation includes an SBA Justification Analysis and Transaction Return on Investment analysis to help you better inform your prospective client of how you arrived at your valuation conclusions.
  • Investment Opportunity –  Once you’ve obtained the listing, a two page “blind” Investment Opportunity to use with buyers that have properly executed a non-disclosure statement to provide them with initial information regarding the opportunity.
  • Recasted Income Statements – This detailed report in effect reconciles the client’s federal income tax returns to what is reported as seller’s discretionary earnings.  The report clearly identifies and explains all adjustments to the federal income tax returns and is an invaluable tool in helping a buyer and his/her advisors, during the course of due diligence, quickly understand any and all adjustments that have been made to the tax returns in arriving at seller’s discretionary earnings.
  • Historical Balance Sheet and Historical Cash Flow Statement – These reports are also intended to be used by buyer’s in the course of their due diligence.
  • Earnings Reconciliation – This report summarizes on one page all the adjustments, by year, that were made to taxable earnings in arriving at seller’s discretionary earnings.

If you would like additional information, or if there is anything we can do to be of service, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.